Security systems

Advantages of primion security technology

Security technology - sustainable complete solutions to meet individual requirements

The advantages of the psm2200 Security Management software

  • Independence from system suppliers
  • State-of-the art architecture
  • Reduced integration costs
  • Automatic configuration changes at runtime
  • Powerful script languages (HTML, Java, Groovy and internal commands)
  • Universal table model with individual configuration options (column selection and layout, filters, templates)
  • Up to 4 physical monitors and 5 virtual monitors per client
  • Scalable all the way from the operator unit right up to a complex, major system
  • Identical user interface for Web client and desktop client
  • In-memory database enables the display of many datapoints at the same time and reduces processing time
  • Access to primeWeb data, e.g. routes, reader groupings
  • Integrated integration of WINMAG (plus) data structures and graphics
  • It unifies different sub-systems into one primary system
  • It simplifies the operation and monitoring and multiple / individual components
  • It can be operated without any specialist knowledge of the application
  • It offers centralised operation and monitoring
  • It displays individually definable alarms and messages, depending on user requirements
  • It supports the operators with configurable Workflows
  • It bundles all necessary information for easy processing
  • It controls and monitors all connected components
  • Optimised data gathering
  • Reliable data forwarding