Security systems

Hazard management

Visual intuitive system for hazard management

psm2200 caters to all requirements

psm 2200 is an open, visual-interactive Hazard management system. It is not just limited to displaying connected system states using graphics and text, it also allows the integration of individual plug-ins such as digital video displays and configuration user interfaces from third-party systems.
The modern integrated script language provides the basis for optimum customising to highly complex environments. The deployment of current technologies and the user-specific programmability of the user interface and the workflows allow the operating company to make modifications to meet changing requirements.

Depending on user rights for example, many different controls can be triggered or alarm information can be displayed on several screens. The program interface can be configured simply and individually with overviews, multiple graphics, active icons and state-dependant workflow rules. The in-memory database structure handles the rapid processing of large amounts of information. Interfaces are kept as simple as possible (KISS) and the definition of generic interfaces, allows them to be reused in different modules.

All messages are visualised, processed, distributed and logged, As well as the messages themselves, the processing of the messages is also logged. psm2200 enables the uniform operation of different hardware from different manufacturers and facilitates cross-system monitoring and the automatic initiation of corresponding event-dependant measures.

The module allows you to integrate different disciplines such as access control, intrusion detection systems, fire alarm systems, DVRs and IP video systems, emergency evacuation equipment and customised solutions.

Alarm processing is done through configurable workflows. These can be generated easily through templates, e.g. MS Word or using the powerful integrated script language DSL (Domain Specific Language) that is specially developed for security applications.

"One touch application deployment" makes installing the clients as simple as operating them. Setup and operating costs are kept to a minimum.
psm2200 is scalable all the way from embedded touch screens right up to a client-enabled, redundant Client/Server solution. Here, you can choose between different client types such as workstations and WebViewers. System dropout security is kept to a maximum through the option of the multiple connection of hardware to redundant servers. Through the use of consistent multi-threaded architecture, psm2200 is multi-processing capable and as a result can take full advantage of the modern multi-processor server and client systems.

Additionally, it is open for all standard communications such as BACnet, OPC etc., and also supports all commonly used SQL databases such as MS-SQL and Oracle. The third-party driver concept guarantees system independence. Even self-developed drivers and processes are started and monitored by the management system.

The modular software with its open system architecture facilitates customised setup and expansion. Being based on JAVA technology, psm2200 can to a large extent (OPC only Windows) be installed independently of the deployed operating system.