Expectations and desires in harmony with each other

Integrated systems of protection

Jonik - Integrisani sistemi zaštite

Our vision is to be the best qualified and most efficient supplier of complete solutions in the field of:

•    Security systems
•    Access control systems
•    Time and attendance systems
•    Alarm systems
•    Video surveillance systems
•    Merchandising Security

We have achieved this using the following solutions:

• The complete solution - Hardware and software from a single source
• System solutions - Using the software integrate existing subsystems
• Individual solutions  - With innovative components, made by primion
• ОС independent solutions - Using a Web-based Java software
• Modular solutions - All our systems can be expanded at any time

As a result, we can meet all the requirements of our customers that comes from all sizes and from all sectors of business.

That's why we adhere to the following principles:
•    Products and solutions are tailored to meet all customer requirements.
•    What we still do not have, we will develop and produce.
•    Perfect harmony and balance between access control and time and attendance, and integrated security systems.
•    Easy, comprehensive and network-oriented management from anywhere in the world.


Nothing more and nothing less!