Security systems

Security technology functions

Software for the integration of all security components

The basic functions of the primion software for security technology, psm2200
primion security management psm2200...

 ... unifies different sub-systems into one primary system:
•    simplifies the operation and monitoring if individual components
•    requires no specialist knowledge for using the connected devices
•    allows the uniform operation and operating all sub-systems

 ... displays individually definable alarms and messages, depending on user requirements:
•    Interactive workflows facilitate the triggering of both ad-hoc and automatic event sequences
•    Texts, graphics with icons, tables or any combination of these can be configured as required
•    Triggered alarms are accurately represented and highlighted graphically
•    Graphics, workflows and reports can be printed as required

 ... supports the user:
•    Individually configurable workflows allow optimised adaptation to match the requirements of the operating company and the user’s knowledge
•    It bundles all necessary information for easy processing
•    Functions that are relevant to the current system state
•    User interfaces can be customised to meet user preferences

 ... controls connected components:
•    User profiles can define different rights, e.g. all users can switch components on while only the administrator can turn them off
•    System parameters can define different actions based, for example on component status
•    Choice of interactive or automatic operating mode

 ... monitors:
•    the current status of all connected components
•    all components of the management system
•    the processing of workflows

 ... collects data relating to:
•    Incoming messages, e.g. selection of important messages
•    Actions executed by the system
•    User interactions

 ... forwards data:
•    When used as a Client/Server system the primion Security Command Centre solution can supply alarms or messages to a large number of computers/clients
•    When used as a Gateway, e.g. BACnet or OPC, rules can be employed to convert, filter and prepare data for third-party system