Security systems

In general

Security technology in the system is the central tool for integration

Universal system solution for the area of security technology

Security systems are getting ever more complex. These days, efficient integration is a must. Achieving component swapability, simplified information interchange, structured unification and cost reductions on a sustainable basis should be the goal. primion provides system solutions across all industries and all company sizes.

Security systems - top performance through a combination of single-source hardware and software.

What modern security management from primion delivers

  • Open security management system, focussed on security applications and requirements, with the visualisation and processing of messages
  • Modular construction with open system architecture
  • Individual options for setup and expansion
  • Graphical and text-based representation of all connected system states
  • Independent driver concept (-> third-party)
  • Can handle client-separated data
  • Powerful script engine
  • Configuration options for user interface and workflows
  • Fast, individually configurable program interfaces with overviews, multiple graphics, active icons and quick workflow rules
  • Uniform operation of different hardware from different manufacturers
  • Comprehensive system overviews
  • State of the art user interface
  • Multi-monitor operation
  • Numerous graphic formats
  • Integration of different disciplines such as access control, intrusion detection systems, fire alarm systems, DVRs and IP video systems and emergency evacuation equipment
  • Scalable all the way from embedded touch screens right up to a client-enabled, redundant Client/Server solution
  • Server-based activation of devices
  • Redundancy options
  • SQL database basis
  • Operating system independence through the use of Java technology
  • Operator support and comprehensive operational information
  • Workstation and/or WebViewer client
  • Support for Web solutions
  • Multi processing, multi-threaded architecture
  • Support for multi-processor systems
  • In-memory database structure for the rapid processing of large amounts of information
  • Modules and interfaces kept as simple as possible
  • Reuse of interfaces in other modules (module chaining) through the use of generic interfaces

The basic functions of modern security technology form the basis for professional hazard management. Hardware security components and innumerable interfaces complete the offering.