Time and attendance systems

Time and attendance applications

The application versatility of the primion software for time and attendance

prime WebTime


Software package with browser user interface for comfortable time recording that is OS-independent and offers comprehensive reporting and correction options and personnel management options prime WebTime offers you enhanced functionality for your working time management through a range of optional modules.

Cost centre evaluation


With the cost centre evaluation option in prime WebTime, you can distribute worked time on the allocation-by-cause principle, manually and/or automatically, over up to 99,999 cost centres. By generating reports based on the hours that have been booked, you can monitor costs in the individual operating units and keep a check on profitability levels.

Project time recording with prime TopControl


With TopControl, you record and manage project - or order-related working times. All worked hours are distributed over individual projects or orders, each of which can have multiple work processes. The overview of the order processes carried out, can help you make a much faster evaluation of the productivity and profitability of projects. This gives you more transparency in the preliminary costing and product costing analysis phases and provides an accurate planning basis for future projects and orders.

Manpower planning (MPP)


Make the best use of the most valuable resource in your company - the people.
With MPP from primion, you have immediate access to all time information at all times for effective workforce planning and you can:
•    efficiently deploy all staff resources
•    create shift plans based on requirement profiles
•    plan staff deployment
•    transparently
•    based on capacity
•    based on ability
•    and therefore, economically

Telephone time recording


The application of this additional module for prime WebTime enables you to give your field workforce more responsibility for their own time recording, thereby increasing motivation and convenience. They are given the option of making arrival and departure bookings by telephone, easily and quickly. They can even query certain time records, e.g. vacation balances through this mobile time recording feature.

Online bookings


With this option, you can book your working times directly at the workplace or carry out other transactions such as cost centre bookings or online record displays.

Employee information system


This option allows staff to query all time and absence records that are stored for them in the database directly through their workplace PC. The queries can be configured and tailored individually to fulfil certain requirements.



Workflow is an automatic, paperless procedure with which you can give online approval to or refuse requests for vacation, business trips or forgotten booking corrections, for example, quickly and simply. Workflow gives you the option to enter bookings retrospectively, e.g. following external training courses or business trips. Event project bookings (start, end, interrupt, etc.) can be recorded through the prime WebTime workflow option. This makes a significant contribution to reducing the workload on the HR department.

Credential creation: Design, printing and coding


The credential management options available in the access or time recording systems from primion are varied. They cover the design of layouts for and the printing with optional coding of plastic cards. prime WebSystems can therefore be used as a personalisation and production system for cards.