Security systems


Interfaces for the integration of many hazard detection systems

psm2200 Security Command Centre - The centralised solution for your hazard management

The psm2200 Security Command Centre solution, developed by primion technology AG, facilitates a simple and rapid integration of many different systems, such as:
•    Access control
•    Intrusion detection systems
•    Fire detection systems
•    Digital and analogue video systems
•    Emergency evacuation equipment
•    and much more ...

With psm2200, a visualisation of the statuses of all systems is possible through an individually configurable user interface. psm2200 stands out thanks to the countless options for automated control and monitoring. The implementation of the latest programming technologies, provides the basis for the highest levels of comfort and operational security. Various interfaces, such as OPC and BACnet allow the connections of many different systems from many different manufacturers.

Customising and flexibility in how graphics and data are displayed represent a significant benefit of the Security Command Centre developed by primion Technology AG. The open Security Management System enables both the visualisation and processing of selected messages. The modular construction and flexible system architecture form the basis for individual setup and expansions.

This also includes the customised graphical and text-based representation of all connected system states. The user interface can also be configured quickly and on a customised basis. Distributed over up to four monitors, it can display informative overviews, dozens of graphics with active symbols, plug-ins such as video windows, tables, user-specific applications, system statuses, etc.

A powerful, integrated script language offers innumerable options for customised function design and for creating application-specific extensions and enhancements. The modern, internal processing structure enables the very rapid processing and display of messages at all times.
Equipment from different manufacturers can be handled uniformly through psm2200, significantly simplifying the management of the complete system. The result is a comprehensive system-wide overview.