Access control

Access control applications

prime WebAccess


Modular software package with browser user interface for comfortable access control and administration that is OS-independent and offers comprehensive reporting and personnel management options.

Badge administration/Credential creation


prime WebAccess gives you the option to manage your access credentials, e.g. cards, key fobs or optional fingerprints. In the case of cards, you can also design layouts for them and print and code them.

Contractor and client management


You can control the various locations or branch offices of your company, or create contractor data records and manage them if, for example, staff from these contractor firms are regularly visitors to your company. You can also assign contractors to particular working sites and generate orders for them, etc. The use of user profiles ensures that particular system users only have access to the person and equipment data records assigned to them.

Extended event control


An unlimited number of control routines result from the option of freely defining how the system should react to specified events. e.g. An alarm is triggered an the system:

  • closes one or several doors
  • stores the image from the corresponding surveillance camera
  • sends the alarm message with the image as an attachment as an e-mail or SMS to a defined address
  • prints a log
  • starts a timer
  • triggers scenario through a scheduled task
  • modifies a crisis level setting for one or more locations
  • creates a file containing all the relevant information

Alarm management


Alarm management from primion builds on the extended event control and gives you the advantage of combining a modern access control system with the functionality of an alarm system – see Integrated security technology.It enables you to send specific alarm messages or alarm message types to specific system users, define the individual priority of the messages and assign different acknowledgement routines.

With person-related events, you also have the option to display the person's photo and/or status to make a visual comparison with the person who has generated the event. Finally, you can assign one of 99 different priority levels to alarms and you can define three different types of alarms.

Visitor administration


primion's visitor administration system can take a lot of the load off the reception staff and when it is integrated in the access control system, it can enhance the security standards in place in your company. Visitors can be pre-registered and dealt with promptly on arrival, with the option of printing out visitor passes.
Further options allow the management of visitor groups as well as the assignment of time-limited access rights to visitors who are only making a short visit. If your organisation has high security requirements, video cameras, alarm and fire detectors or person separation equipment can be integrated.

Generally, visitors should be as unaware as possible of the security precautions that are in place. They should certainly not be given the impression that they are permanently under surveillance. On the other hand however, there are areas where having visible security is deliberate and is the right approach.

A further feature of the visitor administration application is the visitors' book that registers each access booking online and records who was where and for how long and who forgot to return their visitor pass. The dates of the issue and return of visitor badges are logged in the database and therefore provide a visitor history.

prime TopView - Process visualisation


By integrating prime TopView with the prime WebAccess software, all security-related information from all your company sites can be displayed in a simple and clear way. At a single glance, including live camera images, you can see the complete status of all buildings and all locations:

  • Which doors have which status: are they open, closed or locked?
  • What is the current security status?
  • Are there any outstanding alarm messages or critical situations?
  • Have all alarms been acknowledged by the relevant security staff?

Access control with Workflow


Workflow is an automatic, paperless procedure with which you can give approval to or refuse requests for additional access rights for particular persons to particular areas, quickly and simply. Everything is recorded in the software. An employee can place a request for access rights and then follow the progress of the request. Authorised managers are advised by e-mail that requests have been placed and can then approve them or by giving a corresponding reason, refuse them.

Requests that have been placed are displayed through this screen. Depending on the settings, you can see approved, refused, pending or failed requests at a glance. Using this option, you can grant temporary extensions to a person's access rights.
An employee can place a request to be given access rights to particular areas or authorisation to book at certain readers during a particular period of time, for instance when visiting a regional or subsidiary office. The manager responsible can approve this request, which saves the security staff at the locations(s) to be visited having to create a new temporary credential, for example.

prime Video - Video surveillance


Integrating video surveillance cameras into an access control system helps to prevent the development of and to monitor potential danger points.
Innovative video security is now a central component of our comprehensive security technology offerings. The functionality of the overall system, comprising access control and video security technology, depends on which individual components are chosen and how they work together to form a system.

Using the prime Video software, up to 16 IP cameras can be combined into one view on the video monitoring screen to monitor areas, production facilities or car parks, for example. Different views can show which camera is recording and which is in playback mode. Live streams, recording and playback parameters and control options can be recorded, set and displayed in various views.

Through prime Video, you define which prime TopView events, event control definition events and/or camera-based events should be the trigger to start recording. If the cameras themselves support integrated analytical applications, these can also be programmed to trigger alarm recording.

Option for access control prime Video (PDF)