Access control

In general

Access control is the central tool for controlling authorisations.

Universal system solution for the area of access control
Essentially, an access control system consists of a central software with a user interface, a control unit installed in a secure area, a reader installed outside the secure area and an identifying credential such as a chip or a card.

Access control systems - top performance through a combination of single-source hardware and software

What modern access control management from primion delivers:

  • Timed/spatial allocation of access rights for predefined persons
  • Quick and flexible changes to access rights
  • Reliable exclusion of unauthorised persons
  • Administration of credential histories
  • Secure notification of attempts at manipulation of the system
  • Complete documentation of all events
  • Secure control of other processes that are influenced by access management
  • Interfaces to time recording and hazard detection systems
  • Integrated video technology
  • Maximises return on investment through the integration of additional applications
  • Additionally, extensive control options are required, for the on-site triggering of particular events, e.g. alarms or the controlling of video cameras, etc.

Access control systems - getting a return on your investment

An access control system should also maximise the return on your investment. In this respect, primion offers the integration of additional applications such as time and attendance and security technology. Efficient video surveillance is as important an element as extended event control, process visualisation, credential management, alarm management, visitor administration, concierge module functions, contractor and client administration, the integration of offline systems and workflows.

The basic functions of a modern access control system form the basis for professional access control applications. The system can be further enhanced through the deployment of biometric access control or mechatronic access control.