New hardware family from primion

Together with the successful prime Crystal line, the attractive terminals and readers wil be the second design family that primion has developed. The mix of consumer design trends and classical industrial elements creates products that are both high quality and robust. The terminals and readers are suitable for use in prestigious office buildings as well as in the more demanding environment of the factory.

csm primion ADT1200 eb9b83b7c3The multi-function terminals can be deployed just for time recording, or depending on the configuration, can also be used for access control. Individual additional functions such as fingerprint readers, are available as build-on modules. The design and the layout of the displays are freely definable, allowing customers to implement their own Corporate Design. The 7" Touch screen offers almost limitless possibilities, from the classical Time recording App to a complex Factory Data Collection App or for a high-security solution with access queries supported by a comparison of live images with stored images or for audio-visual communication to a Service Command Centre, e.g. for Data centres. Everything is possible.

LED light sequences signal the various booking actions, such as Arrive, Depart, Business departure, etc. The newly created modular concept facilitates rapid and low-effort servicing and maintenance. Many further functions can also be programmed into the terminals.