For over 35 years deister electronic has been developing robust and reliable solutions that provide control and security for guard and plant protection. dataLog guard tour protection allows you to use your staff more efficiently, improve your control over guard tours and provide seamless documentation of your staffs activity.

How it works:

  • Plan - Plan the guard tour and place as many checkpoints along the way as you want. Each checkpoint is securley mounted using a special security screw. The checkpoints are robust, can deal with dirt and graffiti and work reliably even at very low or high temperatures - and best of all, they are 100% maintanance-free. The guardiX data collected provides the energy needed to scan each checkpoint over the air as you place it near a checkpoint, so no battery or other powersupply is needed.
  • Guard - Each guard is equiped with a data collector. While walking the tour, the data collector has to be placed in front of a checkpoint within a distance of 20mm in order to scan the checkpoint. The data collector is designed and built to survive even the toughest conditions. There are no buttons, switches or other details that can break. Simply place the data collector in front of a checkpoint and the data transfer happens automatically.
  • Collect - All collected data is stored in the data collector, up to 4000 per tour and up to 1,000,000 with one pair of batteries. At the end of a tour the data is transmitted to a PC using a dockingstation. The dockingstation can be connected to any standard PC using a USB connection. Alternatively the data can be transmitted wirelessly over the mobile phone network using a mobile dockingstation equipped with a GSM module.
  • Analyse - All data is automatically sorted and archived in the dataLog software. There are several versions of the dataLog software starting with the Lite Patrol, which is ideal for smaller Guard tour companies or companies' security departments that only want a simple, intuitiv but still powerful software to manage their business. The Master Patrol is the most powerful version and offers everything from automatic data analysis, preconfigured reports, network backups and much more.