proxSafe is a complete management solution that combines facility management, asset management, and fleet management into a single system.

Key management:

  • Identification - For contact-free identification, every key or keychain has a maintenance-free keyTag with a programmable RFID chip and lifetime guarantee. Quick, secure, and continuous documentation of all key movements and assets is no longer an issue.
  • Storage - Electronic key cabinets offer built-in keyPanels that have different numbers of slots. Every slot has a built-in proxCylinder to read the inserted keyTag with an RFID reader. An LED slot display makes operation convenient.
  • Management - Powerful, scalable management software provides system control, documentation, and administration of all key-related information, such as user data, key assignments, and access rights – for individuals or for groups. You have complete control at the click of the mouse.
  • Access - To open and close the key cabinet, users can identify themselves with a programmable identification card at the reader or by entering a PIN on the proxSafe terminal.


Storage Management:

  • Identification - Protect your assets twice over: First, authorized users identify themselves at the proxSafe operating terminal using PIN codes or smart cards. And then, every drawer has a built-in proxCylinder that detects the contents of the drawer using keyTags with programmable RFID chips.
  • Storage - Depending on your needs, the deposit systems have a different number of lockers and different drawer sizes. Installation and emergency unlocking make use of a secured service drawer. All electronic locking cabinets are robust, fail-safe, and compatible with the proxSafe product family.
  • Management - The system control, documentation, and administration of electronically locked, alarm-monitored locking drawer systems is provided by powerful, scalable management software. Every access to your assets is logged immediately in a central location: intelligently, securely, and efficiently.
  • Edition - Security for the most demanding needs: Thanks to controlled access to the deposit drawers and assets, you know exactly who removed what and when, and when it was returned – optionally only during certain times. You are automatically informed of a delayed return – and you always keep an overview.