Briefly about us

Providing complete solutions for security systems

The company JONIK d.o.o. was founded in the year 1993.

The main activity of our company is providing complete solutions for time management and access control. Since 2002 we have been business partners of German company Primion Technology AG for Serbia and Montenegro as well as for Bosnia and Herzegovina. Our cooperation has been constantly expanding and we believe that it will grow into real partnership in the future.

Successful conquerring of domestic market in a very short period has been accomplished thanks to modern working methods, applying cut edge techlogies and highly qualified staff. Having selected our partners very carefully and insisting on the best quality of our technical solutions and services, we have created a solid ground for investing in the development of new technologies, spreading our clients' network and further conquerring of our market.

Thanks to such business approach, we have managed to attract leading companies in different fields and our company represents a leading company in the field of time management and access control in our market.

Our current staff consists of five full time employees and three part time associates. Our business plan is to double our staff in the next two years to be able to fulfill demands of the growing number of clients.


Satisfied customers are our best reference